Brent River Park

sun rays in brent river park

Brent River Park

It’s your park. Help us protect it.

Join us to protect and enhance the Brent River Park – for the environment, for wildlife and for future generations.

Enjoy the open space of the Brent River Park, a string of connected parks and green spaces in West London, that provided a lifeline for us during the COVID lockdowns.

The Brent River & Canal Society campaigned to set up the Brent River Park in the 1970s. 50 years later, the BRCS is still campaigning. The Brent River Park is under threat from encroachment, fly tipping and inappropriate development. We need to protect the park and its amazing wildlife now more than ever due to the catastrophic loss of UK biodiversity and the climate emergency.

Get involved in our current initiatives, such as:

  • Monitoring Water Pollution in the River Brent and opposing the dumping of sewage
  • Saving Ealing’s only Skylarks and rare plants by gaining statutory Local Nature Reserve protection at Warren Farm Nature Reserve
  • Ensuring the Gurnell Leisure Centre redevelopment does not encroach on our park and is fit for purpose

and more…

Help us stand up for the Brent River Park
brent river park viaduct – photo by derek prattreflections in the water of brent river parkbluebells in brent river park