Campaigns & Press

We have a long history of working with Ealing Council and we continue to do so today.

Our charity supports park staff and rangers in implementing the Brent River Park Countryside Management Plan, Biodiversity Action Plans, the Local Plan and more, giving expert advice to ensure our park is in good health for the enjoyment of our local wildlife and visitors.

Sometimes we have new ideas for the Brent River Park or we may find ourselves disagreeing with proposals put forward by the council or other corporate bodies. We therefore run campaigns to raise awareness of these issues with our members, stakeholders and the wider public.

Current campaigns include:

Gurnell Leisure Centre development

Warren Farm Nature Reserve

Clean Up the River Brent (CURB)

Press and Media

Sick River – Saving the Brent

Tortoise News piece on CURB.

CURB’s Brent Monitoring system on the Sky News Climate Show – 30 September 2023

Reports on the BRCS 50th anniversary AGM – 19 September 2023

Ealing News

Ealing Nub

Warren Farm Nature Reserve on Sky News Climate Show – 29 July 2023