Warren Farm Nature Reserve

Warren Farm is a rewilded 61-acre urban meadow, part of Brent River Park (BRP) and located in Norwood Green in the borough of Ealing. This beautiful green space is home to an abundance of common, rare and endangered species – such as Skylarks, Barn Owls, rare Clovers, Beewolves, Yarrow Pugs, Bats and Slow Worms. Yet it is still under threat of development, unless urgent action is taken.

In October 2020, The Brent River & Canal Society (BRCS) released a new vision for Warren Farm Nature Reserve and the surrounding Brent River Park Meadows. This exciting vision has the environmental foresight to propose the inclusion of the green spaces that surround Warren Farm under statutory Local Nature Reserve (LNR) designation so that together, they form one large, protected, biodiversity-rich green space and wildlife corridor.

The proposed vision of the LNR would have Warren Farm at its centre, with Jubilee Meadow, Trumper’s Field, Blackberry Corner and Fox Meadow connected.BRCS have also recommended that Ealing Council seek agreement with the private owners of two pieces of land to include these in the new LNR. Both adjoin Warren Farm Nature Reserve. One is owned by Imperial College London and the other is owned by the Earl of Jersey. Both are managed as horse pastures and categorised as Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and form part of the Brent River Park.

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In January 2023, Ealing Council announced its intention to build a sports facility at Warren Farm which would take up just over half of the re-wilded meadow. BRCS has pointed out the environmental and reputational risks inherent in this proposal, which has attracted significant public opposition.

The petition calling for the entire site to receive Local Nature Reserve status now stands at 21,700 signatures.

For more information, visit the Warren Farm Nature Reserve campaign site.

Sign the petition here.