Balsam Bash – Perivale Park

6th July 2023

Perivale Park
Meet at footbridge across river, beside viaduct, by Ruislip Road East.
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Drivers can park on Stockdove Way, near Perivale Golf Course.
Meeting point:

Balsam bashing is the main focus for the Clean Up the River Brent (CURB) campaign for the coming weeks. We have to try to prevent these dominant invasives seeding. It’s great fun and a great way to spend time outdoors with a friendly group.

Himalayan Balsam, although quite pretty and attractive to bees, contributes to bank erosion, is a poor habitat provider, and limits more diverse and sustaining flora. Part of our programme involves the planting of native reeds, which can filter out pollution, provide habitat, and grow attractively along the watercourse.

Meeting point: