New Trustee for BRCS

The Brent River & Canal Society is delighted to announce the election of Ben Morris to our board of trustees.

Ben founded CURB (Clean Up the River Brent) in 2021 and has been working closely with BRCS trustee Phil Alford to identify and publicise the pollution of the River Brent. He has also organised rubbish clear-ups, in partnership with LAGER Can, and the control of invasive species and restoration of native plant communities, alongside Ealing’s Park Rangers. Ben is currently trialling a new water-testing system which promises a catchment-wide early warning network for pollution events.

The addition of Ben to our board of trustees strengthens the BRCS capacity in campaigning on river pollution and cements our partnership with CURB. Together, we will continue to expose the scandal of sewage and other waste discharges, and will hold to account those bodies responsible. Across the country, we are seeing environmental groups coming together to campaign on issues such as this.

We welcome Ben to our team. We look forward to supporting CURB with the full resources of the society to clean up the river that gives us our name.

You can follow and join in with CURB via Twitter @BrentPollution and Facebook group ‘CURB – Clean Up the River Brent’.